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Through social interaction with all folks welcome and interaction with the public during shows. We advance the preservation of English Metal for future generations.

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The club dates back to the ‘70s but it went through, possibly a couple, dormant times during the ‘80s and ‘90s. However, we’ve been meeting again for the last 10+ years at least. We meet once a month on the 4th Tuesday (Even months) or Thursday (Odd months),  alternating each month to accommodate schedules. We meet @ 6:30 PM at a different area restaurant. Spouses are very welcome and usually make the most noise! We’re very low key but possess a lot of knowledge that may be of help with your restoration. We have a casual meeting while we eat and enjoy each other’s company where we plan events we want to attend or just plan a weekend drive. We decided a few years back to have yearly dues of $10/year/family.  Don’t worry about that for now though,  rather please just join us for some meetings and see if you have an interest. Oh, and your question about “Can you join your club without a running car?”, the answer is absolutely, we couldn’t have a British car club with that requirement, we wouldn’t have any members!

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8/31-9/1    Virginia Festival of the Wheel

                      Boar's Head Inn

10/4-5       Waynesboro Car Show

Calendar June 2019

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Monthly Meeting

6PM - ???

Bull's Steakhouse, Graves Mill

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Monthly Meeting

Description:Club monthly meeting,

6PM - ???

Bull's Steakhouse, Graves Mill

A Fun time was had by all.

Last Saturday Criuse.

The Brits only held the majority by one (two Germans and one Japanese).

However, we all got along with a Brit leading the way to a beautiful old (1905) farm house with a gracious hostess, Marilyn.  We saw many antiques to include clocks from the 18th and 19th century.  One was supposedly from the old Amherst Railroad station.  The cruise was non eventful with the exception of the two navigators trusted to find our way there and back.  One of with was your's truly; the other will remain unnamed but it brings to mind the old saying.  " Do you want to talk to the man in charge or to the woman who can actually help you?"

We continued to Robin Alexander's for dinner for those without dinner plans.