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Jim and Jeanne Fischer


We obtained our first and only old car in 1984 although I (Jim) had loved for years, these beautiful cars.  Ours is a 1952 MGTD Everything original except paint and new tires.  

Our first trip out was a very hot day in August in NH.  Hot day and NH are not usually combined in the same sentence, but this day set a record (of course – Jeanne) the motor heated up, but I had brought water, but to get it started Jeanne had to push.  It’s a small car and easy to push (what did he know; he was in the driver’s seat! – Jeanne)

We were out driving around the back roads of our little town of Milford all afternoon and spotted an ice cream store.  We stopped, but had to eat it outside as we were afraid of people climbing in the MG, (or heavens to Betsy putting their sweaty hand on it – Jeanne)

We drove it every day after work for several weeks and we both decided we absolutely loved it.  Come the weekend we became brave, packed a lunch and took off for the day.  No problems. (Except for the worst black flies we had seen that summer, but the “driver” could only see and talk about the MG while I sprayed us both, scratched and hoped for rain.

Rain, heat and wind became the inevitable part of any trip we took from 1984 to now, but we still love it.